Jamie Oliver – Revolution and Healthy Cooking

Jamie Oliver’s philosophy sets fundamental principles in healthy cooking, as our way of cooking tells us who we are.

Although these principles have revolutionized the way of feeding many people, the obesity pandemic that threatens the health of children continues to exist. Even unborn babies have been affected thanks to misinformation.

Discover the fundamental principles for a healthy life and learn how to eat in a healthy and balanced way, according to the famous chef.

Rediscover Your Common Sense

If you already have a large portion of protein with carbs in your main dish, there is no need for abusing your stomach. Although eating a good portion of baked potatoes with a good steak at lunch is great, do you think it is necessary to eat a piece of cake for dessert? Vegetables are the best food substitutions, so try a salad instead.

Jamie Oliver Revolution and Healthy Cooking chef food - Jamie Oliver - Revolution and Healthy Cooking

Smart Cooking

If you understand the kitchen well, you know how to give optimum use to each fresh ingredient. Besides, you probably know how to buy cheap and in-season.

Healthy Snacks

As you are having a snack, replace foods like chocolate or French fries with fruits. It is also good to fry without oil and stop eating flour in everything.

Start when You are Still Young

As Jamie Oliver has five kids, he truly believes it is very important to let kids learn about healthy food and cooking. While they shouldn’t be playing around with dangerous tools, acquiring practical cooking skills from a young age is great.

Pass It On

This is about spreading the word, getting back to cooking. Anyone can cook, asit’s cheap and helpful for everyone. Let everyone know how you are saving some money instead of grabbing bites at eateries. Also, showing off how much weight have you lost is great.  Sharing is fun and this is how people get educated nowadays.


Campaigns are vital to keeping information alive. Entities such as school dinners and the Ministry of food have the same purpose, as they teach children and advise people about brands or processed foods that can cause harm.

It is pretty simple, as long as we are all clear that cheat meals should be once a week, not a daily hobby, we will be fine. We must have a healthy approach to cook and eat better.

Jaime’s philosophy has had a great impact on the consumption of healthy meals. Meatball Houseinvites you to be part of this wellness lifestyle, as your body will feel more stability and energy.

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