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Fun spots are ideal to visit with your friends, as you will always have some cool anecdotes to talk about within your group. Meatball House is a place where you can share these stories.

If you visit our headquarter in Northumberland, Ontario, you will be amazed. From the moment you enter, you will be able to feel the most loving attention that characterizes and differentiates us from other sites. You will feel welcome, at ease, and ready to enjoy good company.


In Meatball House, you will be pleased to know that cheat meals are our specialty, especially if it is about homemade healthy vegan burgers and fried chicken. Don’t think it will be hard for you to choose from our wide variety of options, as our search filter works perfectly.

If you can finally make your mind and decide which meal you will have, do not forget to order drinks to accompany the food. We deeply love beer and we have a great variety of it. If you prefer you can choose between soft drinks, cocktails, and wines.

Quality Content

If you think you had enough, that was just an appetizer. In Meatball House, you will constantly get articles and reviews, as, after all, we are a website that shares suggestions about the tastiest food and drinks in Canada.